Dear Ted: Today, I received your check for the auction of the Tinplate portion of my train collection. I find it impossible to select the suitable words that would express my most gratifying thanks for your assistance in the disposal of my train collection. You have relieved me of a burden that has been affecting my mind for many years now. My love for trains, and I mean anything having to do with trains from an ancient spike to an N Gage model, as long as it had the remotest association with trains, I fell in love with it and had to have it. That is why I wound up with such a collection and a variety of equipment. I have been, over the years, to hundreds of shows, met halfway across the country to exchange my trains for "His" trains, then on and on.

Then comes a time in life when we look around and find that we have no one to carry on the enjoyment of the collection and of running of the trains, then the burden of what to do with the mass of material looms in front of you. To leave with your spouse, well, what's she to do with it? That thought increases the burden on the mind. Then Bob Jones gave me your name and away we went.

The Professionalism of your service, the cost of doing business with you, and most of all, the monetary results were absolutely astounding. Well, if you have pain, the doctor says, "Take an Aspirin and call me in the mourning". If you have to sell off a collection of trains and really need to get rid of the headache, call Ted and the pain is zipped away. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing such a majestic service.

I retained three small O Scale Locomotives, track and an assortment of gingerbread items, along with two Lionel locomotives and a few cars. With this equipment, I am building a small switching layout so my friends and I may still enjoy an evening of railroading now and then.

There would be no way that I could just forget completely about playing with trains and not go by a hobby shop or read the magazines without my old wallet just jumping out of my pocket to once again buy trains even though I should know better. With the retention of some of the equipment, and with a pledge not to purchase anything else, I will enjoy my days playing with trains and not having to worry about getting rid of a real pile of them, or leaving the burden to someone who will not need the extra responsibility, The dollars that you have sent me in total was much more than I anticipated and I am quite shocked at the terrific results of the auction. While some items carried a disappointing figure, others well made up the difference. With all of the thousands of hours and all of the years I enjoyed the hobby, and all of the many many friends I made through railroading, the final dollars returned was really a God given gift.

Since my only vice since I was about 5 years old was trains, not smoking, not drinking nor any of the other disgusting habits enjoyed by citizens of all ages of today's world, I believe that I spent about $130.00 per year for 60 years, That would not even keep a person in cigarette for long. The equity, thanks to you held well and looking back, I know that for all those years, and my last act of engaging your services were all perfect decisions. Having done train shows for many years, knowing how difficult it was to sell item, knowing the abuse and bickering that had to be absorbed, the work of lugging a portion of the collection at a time to each show, and never having the right thing there since one could not possibly carry all of the items to a single show, and how many of the shows were total washouts considering the cost of the table, the traveling and the rest, and not making one sale at give away prices. In the early years, the attitude of the dealers and the clients was of a sharing of interest between the hobbyist. When the commodity collectors came to the scene, all of the fun was gone, the prices went through the roof, and the nit picking became unbearable. The fun was gone. To that end and in that climate, I could have never been able to dispose of my collection as you have done. Again, many thanks to you and your most professional staff.

My most kindest regards,

Michael A. Terminiello