June 28, 2005

Dear Ted & Kristin:

We just received the final check on the auction for the David Goodheart Estate thank you.

On behalf of my mother, my husband and myself, we would like to thank you for the way you handled David's things before, during and after the auction. We have been in touch with John on a regular basis, so have been kept informed all along the way. We are grateful John knew of you folks we would have been at a total loss to know what to do. Also, the fact you were able to clear David's house of the items when you did was a relief to us.

David had so enjoyed collecting all those items it was sad to us to have to see them go. Yet, we had no choice. And with that decision made, we were glad you were the folks who took on the task. We were pleased with the way it was all handled and the outcome of the auction!

Thank you!

Darlyne Goodheart Holley