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Absentee Bidding Process
Maurer's Auctions (AY001999)

As a service to our customers, Maurer's Auctions offers an absentee bid process in which the high bidder is bidding for the right to be represented at the actual live auction. The bids will be brought forward on the actual Auction date and be executed under the following Terms and Conditions.

Effective November 1, 2008

1.) How we execute absentee bids:

Maurer's Auctions will execute all absentee bids against attending bidders and attempt to purchase items at the lowest possible price up to the amount bid by the absentee bidder. For example, if an absentee bid of $1000 is made on an item and the highest bid on the floor is $600, the auctioneer will execute the absentee bid at the next increment (example $25) in effect at that point in the auction and the lot will be sold to the absentee bidder for $625.
In the event of tie bids between the absentee bidder and those in attendance, preference will be given to the attending bidder.
Absentee bidding is a service we provide, and we will make every effort to execute bids competitively; however, Maurer's Auctions does not accept any responsibility for bids not executed for any reason. If an item is discovered to vary significantly in condition from the catalog description, we will make every effort to contact the absentee bidder to provide an opportunity to adjust the bid. Should we be unsuccessful in doing so, we will not execute the bid.

2.) How much should I bid?

Only you can answer this. The real question is, how important is it for you to own this item? We suggest bidding your maximum amount so that if the item sells for a higher price, you know it went for more than you were willing to pay. Your bids will be executed competitively and in complete confidentiality. You should plan on a minimum opening bid of $10.00 and a bid increment of $5.00. Maurer's Auction reserves the right to use bids of less than $50.00 as opening bids.

3.) Condition

You may call 610-495-5504 during preview hours for a more detailed description of the items.

4.) Notification of Successful bids:

Within 3 days of completion of the live auction, only the successful bidders will be notified via email or phone of the following information.
  • Sale date
  • Lot#
  • Balance Due (including Buyer's Premium and PA sales tax if applicable)
  • Payment terms
  • Shipping
If further information is required concerning items offered in our auctions, you may call 610-495-5504 during preview hours or attend our scheduled auction preview. We are located at the Ridge Fire Co., 480 Ridge Rd., Spring City, PA 19475 (Along Rt. 23 between Phoenixville & Rt. 100). You may also attend our day of sale preview 8:00am to 10:00am EST.

Please Note That All Absentee Phone Bids Must Be Placed By The End Of Preview (Generally 8 P.M. The Friday Before The Auction) And All Absentee Email Bids Must Be Received By 12 Noon The Friday Before The Auction. Email Bids Should Be Sent To Info@Maurerail.Com And Must Include Your Name, The Date Of Auction, Room (Blue Room Or Pavilion), Lot Number And Your Maximum Bid. No Absentee Bids (Phone Or Email) Will Be Accepted The Morning Of The Auction.

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